Docuwebs Thyssen is a space that seeks to address a number of social narratives, starting with art and the museum, through the development of a series of online documentaries.

We believe that the public no longer visit the museum in a merely physical sense. They also do so using different platforms and languages. That’s why we want to develop stories imagined and co-created at origin for them.

Within this framework, we’re working on our first two docuwebs. The first explores the lives of a number of European artists including Hilde Hubbuch, Marc Chagall and Romare Bearden with the aim of tackling, in a parallel way, the role of museums and cultural institutions at times of humanitarian crisis. The second docuweb explores the way in which the museum can be an archive of memory from which to articulate new alliances and links with nature.

Who’s involved in the docuwebs? There is a multidisciplinary team behind this project, coordinated by the Education Area. Historians, educators, museologists, artists, anthropologists, composers, documentary makers, sociologists, writers and tech workers all collaborate on this initiative that seeks to develop new narratives from the digital world.

In collaboration with: Fundación BBVA.


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The docuweb posits the concept of non-linearity before the viewer, so that they can chart their own course through a hypertextual skeleton comprised of nodes, links and anchors
Arnau Gifreu