The American artist was passionate about travel, which not only served as a source of inspiration, but also formed part of her own creative process. Here at JTI, many years ago we also set out on our particular journey to become a more responsible and inclusive company, and in this journey art has proven to be a powerful means of social transformation. That is why our company, both here in Spain and abroad, supports different museums and organizations with the ultimate goal of bringing art closer to society and within everybody's reach.

This temporary exhibition has been selected to form part of 'Graphic Narrations', a project spearheaded by the Museum's Education Department and in which we are involved, which seeks to put art within the reach of groups that have often had very limited access to it. This time, different groups of women from rural areas are going to visit the exhibition and, afterwards, address issues such as migration, gender, development opportunities, inclusion and diversity from their own reality and experience.

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