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A unique virtual visit to enjoy the best works of art

Enjoy an innovative experience with new virtual tours. Whenever and wherever you want, the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza offers you an immersive virtual world in super-high resolution, allowing you to enjoy masterpieces and discover details imperceptible to the naked eye. Come and join our virtual tours.

Guided virtual tour

We offer you these two virtual guided tours: Secrets in artworks of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection and An hour at the Thyssen. They will take you on a journey through seven centuries of art historyand reveal the secrets and curiosities hidden in a selection of our masterpieces. Thanks to the super zoom you will be able to see much further and discover the little stories hidden in the paintings.

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Secrets in artworks of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection 

Take a closer look at the works in the collection from the point of view of the museum's restorers and you will learn about the treatments carried out on the paintings as well as some of the secrets and curiosities hidden in a selection of our Masterpieces.

Thanks to the super zoom you will be able to see much further and stop and spend as much time as you need to explore each work, there is no rush, the pace is up to you!

Price €5 (€4.5 for Friends of the Museum)

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An hour at the Thyssen

With this virtual guided tour you can travel through seven centuries of art history through fifteen masterpieces and delve deeper into our collection. Narrated by our curators, discover the little stories hidden in the paintings at any time and pause the guided tour whenever you want.

Immerse yourself in the exclusive content of the works, delving into the lives of their characters, the iconography of each painting and its technique, to the point of conceiving the piece in a completely new way.

Price €5  (€4.5 for Friends of the Museum)

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Detalle de una obra maestra
Exclusively and in real time

Live virtual visit

Comparte en grupo y en directo una visita guiada única

Share an exclusive virtual visit live with your group

The live virtual tour is designed to be enjoyed by all kinds of groups: companies, families and friends. A new, agile and dynamic way of touring the museum and getting to know its works.

With the help of a guide specialising in our collection, you will be able to explore the multiple themes and points of view from which to discover our collections. You will enjoy art and discover the secrets of our masterpieces in a way you had never imagined!

During this exclusive live virtual experience, the museum provides you with a coordinator to assist and resolve any issues that may arise.

Send us an email visitavirtualconguia@museothyssen.org or give us a call at +34 917 911 370

Available themes

❤️ Masterpieces

A complete walk through the History of Art through the history of Western painting from the 13th to the 20th centuries. We will go through the different floors of the museum in search of masterpieces from different periods, discovering and comparing the different artistic movements in history.

🖼 Carmen Thyssen Collection

This visit offers a journey through the collecting activities of Baroness Carmen Thyssen, in close proximity to those of her husband Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza. The collection also covers a chronological arc from the 14th to the 20th century.

Visita virtual en directo (infrarrojo)

💍 Jewellery

Discover the secrets of the goldsmithery and jewellery reflected in our paintings and discover their meanings and the virtues attributed to them, as well as the changes that these delicate pieces have undergone over the centuries.

🎭 Performing Arts

The interaction between painting and the performing arts has manifested itself in different forms throughout the history of art. We delve into the links between theatre, dance, music or circus and painting through relevant works from our collection.

🌷 A walk among flowers

Since antiquity, flowers have been a motif frequently represented in art, both for their symbolic content and decorative character. Still lifes, portraits, mythological and religious subjects, landscapes, and views of cities with flowers are all part of this walk among the flowers.

🍃 The Seasons

Discover how Western artists depicted the seasonal course of nature over the centuries.

🫴🏼 Sustainability

Along this tour, works from the collection are reinterpreted in terms of ecology, economy and society in order to historically trace the relationships between cultural production, society and sustainable development.

🌈 Inclusive Love

This visit proposes an itinerary through the key themes and characters of Western culture related to the sensibility and experiences of the LGTBI community.

👱🏼‍♀️The Image of the Woman

A panoramic and transversal view of the representation of the female image in Western painting from the Renaissance to the 20th century in order to get to know and understand the various transformations that the representation of women has undergone according to the canons and cultural contexts of the time.

🧱 Arquitecture

This visit traces the evolution of architecture and its social function as reflected in a selection of works from the museum's collections. Architecture has been a theme frequently treated by painters throughout the ages, either as the setting for a story or as the absolute protagonist of the work.

Being able to visit the museum for people who are not in Madrid, enjoying the experience as a whole, from the sofa at home and using the TV as a screen has been a great experience.

Dos personas ven la visita virtual desde su televisión
All of our virtual tours

We adapt to the visit you require

We offer you three types of visits so that you can enjoy the different contents of the museum from any place and at any time. Choose the format that best suits your curiosity to get to know the works in a different and unique way.

Free visit

  • Walk by yoursalve throug the museum´s rooms.
  • Free exploration of the different spaces.
  • Free

Guided virtual tour

  • Guided tour of the museum rooms with explanations and exclusive details.
  • Free exploration of the rooms and the works in them.
  • €5 (€4.5 for Friends of the Museum)

Live virtual visit

  • Immersive tours of the museum, with in-depth explanations and exclusive details of the major masterpieces in gigapixel format.
  • Live explanation by a guide specialising in the museum's collections, giving you an insight into the details of the works.
  • Free exploration during the visit of the rooms and the works in them.
  • Designed for groups.
  • €625


Visita a puerta cerrada. Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza
And also, visits on-site
The museum offers several types of guided tours, adapted to your needs. Whether alone or in a group, come to the museum and enjoy a unique experience touring the museum's spaces accompanied by a specialist.
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