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Bolsa de Ecoalf con motivo de la exposición de Joan Jonas

Sustainability of products at the museum shop:

  • Increase of the amount of artisanal and sustainable products.
  • Elimination of all possible plastic from packaging and use of recycled materials for shop products.
  • Collaboration with Ecoalf brand.
  • Use of recycled and/or sustainable paper for the graphic material of the TBA21 exhibitions.
Cambio de iluminación más sostenible en salas del museo en 2018

Energy saving measures:

  • LED lighting in the museum galleries.
  • Installation of more efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Control of the on and off times of lighting and installation of motion detectors.
  • Installation of water saving aerators in sinks and of water heaters in the toilets.
  • Reuse of shipping boxes for the works of the collection.
Semana Eco Saludable 2019

Awareness of museum staff:

  • Within the framework of ThyssenECO, a programme aimed at raising awareness regarding protecting the environment, a number of workshops have been carried out
  • Eco Health Week in 2019: included the distribution of fresh fruit along with various workshops and talks, among them a workshop titled “The Route of the Senses” where staff learned about alternative eating habits related to a healthy diet, both from a nutritional and environmental perspective.

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