• Creators between 16 and 35 years old

  • From October 22nd until November 22nd 2020
  • 6 paintings to version
  • 6 prizes, from €300 up to €700, among other advantages

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola

If you want that your work to be exhibited in the museum on the day of the contest presentation send it.

Awarded versions

Young Knight in a Landscape. Vittore Carpaccio
@patricitabonita (First price #Versionathyssen VIII)
The Tickle. Las cosquillas, c. 1755
@filosofiabarata1 (First prize #Versionathyssen VIII)
Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee. Cristo en la tempestad del mar de Galilea, 1596
@mpgarabatos (First prize #Versionathyssen VIII)
Suprematist Composition. Composición suprematista, 1923
@be_levy (Second prize #Versionathyssen VIII)
Horsewoman, Full-Face (L'Amazone). Amazona de frente, c. 1882
@womenoutofthecircle (Second prize #Versionathyssen VIII)
Portrait of a Lady. Retrato de una dama, 1530 (?)
@studiovariopinto (Second prize #Versionathyssen VIII)

Guest Artists

Abandoned Skiff. Bote abandonado, 1850
@marla_moon (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen VIII)
Portrait of a Woman aged Thirty. Retrato de una mujer a la edad de treinta años, 165[2]
@albertopoloianez  (Prescriptor #VersionaThyssen VIII)
Portrait of a Lady as Saint Lucy. Retrato de una dama como santa Lucía, c. 1509
@mercedes_debellard  (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen VIII)

VersionaThyssen VIII Awards

Watch again the broadcast of the awards where the 6 winning versions were announced!


Past editions

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