• Creators between 16 and 35 years old

  • From July 29th until October 4th 2020
  • 6 paintings to version
  • 6 prizes, from €300 up to €700, among other advantages

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola

If you want that your work to be exhibited in the museum on the day of the contest presentation send it.

Paintings to version

Choose one of these 6 paintings from the permanent collection of the museum. You can participate with one or several works
Portrait of a young Man as Saint Sebastian, c. 1533
The Piazza San Marco in Venice. La Plaza de San Marcos en Venecia, c. 1723-1724
Portrait of Ann Brown in the Role of Miranda (?). Retrato de Ann Brown en el papel de Miranda (?), c. 1770
Waverly Oaks. Waverly Oaks, 1864
Yvette Guilbert. Yvette Guilbert, 1893
Revolving House, 1921, 183. Casa giratoria, 1921, 183, 1921

#VersionaThyssen VI awards

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Past editions

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