• Creators between 16 and 35 years old

  • From June 6th until July 12th 2020
  • 6 paintings to version
  • 6 prizes, from €300 up to €700, among other advantages

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola

If you want that your work to be exhibited in the museum on the day of the contest presentation send it.

Paintings to version

Choose one of these 6 paintings from the permanent collection of the museum. You can participate with one or several works
Portrait of a Man. Retrato de un hombre, c.1525-1530
The Death of Hyacinthus. La muerte de Jacinto, ca. 1752-1753
Painterly Architectonic. Arquitectura pictórica   , 1918
The Smoker (Frank Haviland). El fumador (Frank Haviland), 1913
Abandoned Skiff. Bote abandonado, 1850
Portrait of Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland. Retrato de Millicent, duquesa de Sutherland, 1904

Guest works

Get inspired by one of the versions that the artists La Mandanga, Cristina Daura and Tito Merello have made for this #VersionaThyssen
Two Female Nudes in a Landscape. Dos desnudos femeninos en un paisaje, c. 1922
Otto Müller (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen VI)
Construction in Space-Time II. Construcción espaciotemporal II, 1924
Cristina Daura (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen VI)
Portrait of a Lady wearing the Order of the Swan. Anónimo ALEMÁN h 1490
Tito Merello (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen VI)

Past editions

Watch more inspiring works and discover the winners from other editions of the contest

VersionaThyssen V

Watch the awards broadcast again where the 6 winning works were announced!