Las Rozas Village

Las Rozas Village promotes new dialogues between art and fashion​, by collaborating with some of the exhibitions displayed at the museum.

In 2019, as fashion partner, the center collaborated with the exhibition Balenciaga and Spanish Painting, which connected the work of the most admired and influential fashion designer of all time with the tradition of 16th to 20th century Spanish painting. In 2021, the collaboration concern​ed the exhibition Georgia O'Keeffe, a great American artist recognized for the intensity and colorism of his pictorial universe. Hand in hand with Las Rozas Village, we invite​d different artists and experts to visit the exhibition and share with the public what inspired them. 

Located just half an hour from Madrid's city centre, Las Rozas Village offers the opportunity to discover the latest trends in fashion and decoration through more than a hundred boutiques of national and international firms. An open-air boulevard where, in addition, visitors may taste different culinary proposals.

Thanks to its support

Balenciaga and Spanish Painting
Balenciaga and Spanish Painting