The city of Madrid collaborates since 2019 with this initiative, conceived to bring art closer to a younger audience. #VersionaThyssen is a competition that the museum is organising, which offer a space for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 to promote and showcase their creative work by re-interpreting paintings from the collection.

Contestants can submit, via Instagram, drawings, illustrations, paintings, collages, video-installations and other genres that can be captured in digital format.

In 2020, Fundación Coca-Cola joins the initiative as collaborator.

In 2019, 4 editions of the contest were held. As a closure for each one, the jury's decision is announced at a special event where the works of the finalists are on display accompanied by a concert in the museum’s Central Hall. In 2020, there are 4 more editions planned.

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola

Selection of images

@mirandamakaroff (Guest artist #VersionaThyssen I)
Young Knight in a Landscape. Vittore Carpaccio
@_lara_lars_ (Guest artist #VersionaThyssen I)
Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni. Retrato de Giovanna Tornabuoni, 1489-1490
@ricardocavolo (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen I)
Opening night #VersionaThyssen I
Opening night #VersionaThyssen I
Evento nocturno #VersionaThyssen
Concierto en el hall del museo durante el evento nocturno #VersionaThyssen
Un grupo de personas durante el evento nocturno #VersonaThyssen
Tres personas riendo frente a uno de los cuadros del museo
Fotografía varias obras de la edición anterior de #Versionathyssen
Portrait of a Lady wearing the Order of the Swan. Anónimo ALEMÁN h 1490
@alvarogracia (First prize #VersionaThyssen I)
Adam and Eve. Adán y Eva, c. 1507-1508
@richoustin (First prize #VersionaThyssen I)
@mariagimenaherrera (First prize #VersionaThyssen II)
@aleramiirezgtz (First prize #VersionaThyssen II)
The Rape of Europa. El rapto de Europa, c. 1640
@collective.sisters (Primer premio #VersionaThyssen III)
Young Peasant with a Flask. Joven campesino con una garrafa, c. 1610
@grater__ (First prize #VersionaThyssen IV)

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