By Elisa Sopeña

Lord, rip me out of the ground! Give me ears that can understand the waters! Give me a voice that, through love, can tear the enchanted waves’ secret from them.

Seas, lakes, springs, streams and rivers inundate the galleries of the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, beckoning us to enjoy a pleasant immersion that harmoniously links together art, history and nature. Viewing the masterpieces that comprise the Water Route enables us to disconnect from everyday reality in order to find ourselves via the beauty of water and painting. This route reveals that just like some waters, artistic expression can act as a force to heal our spirit.

The element of water, in its different forms, has inspired some of the most beautiful compositions by the great masters, who have used it as a vehicle to convey their artistic virtuosity, drawing on its important symbolic weight. Sometimes associated with the life cycle, other times with hedonism or regeneration, water and its multiple connotations are found consistently throughout art history as a whole.

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