If you are between the ages of 16 and 35 and you’d like to create your own version of one of the selected works (pictured below) #VersionaThyssen is perfect for you. Take part via Instagram with pictures, illustrations, paintings, collages, animations or any other medium that can be exhibited in digital format.

The judging panel for this edition of the competition was composed of the artists María Herreros, Filip Custic and Carla Fuentes, one representative from the museum and one from the city of Madrid. They chose the 6 best entries, the creators of which received prizes ranging from special museum passes to €700.

The winners were announced during a special evening event held on 20 July where a selection of the submitted works were on display. The event was wrapped up with a musical performance by Le Parody.

Discover all the submitted works on the hashtag #VersionaThyssen.

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid

Awarded versions and guests artists

Portrait of a Man with a Ring. Retrato de un hombre con una sortija, c. 1472-1477
@mariagimenaherrera (First prize #VersionaThyssen II)
The Lost Trail. El rastro perdido, c. 1856
@livlikart (First prize #VersionaThyssen II)
The happy Violinist. El violinista alegre con un vaso de vino, c. 1624
@aleramiirezgtz (First prize #VersionaThyssen II)
@slowrobots (Second prize #VersionaThyssen II)
El tío Paquete. El tío Paquete, c. 1819-1820
@llopezphotography27 (Second prize #VersionaThyssen II)
Bottle and Fruit-Dish. Botella y frutero, 1919
@equisigualequis (Second prize #VersionaThyssen II)
Portrait of a Young Man. Retrato de un joven, c. 1518-1519
@Mariaherreros (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen II)
Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni. Retrato de Giovanna Tornabuoni, 1489-1490
@Filipcustic (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen II)
Portrait of a Man. Retrato de un caballero, c. 1666-1667
@Carlafuentes (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen II)
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II
Opening night #VersionaThyssen II