The eleventh edition of #VersionaThyssen featured Hugáceo Crujiente, Iván Floro and Ian Padgham as guest artists and jury members. Below you can see the awarded works. The awards ceremony was held at the museum, the night of October 16, 2021. I was conducted by Sara Rubayo and featured a performance by Pol Granch. You can also watch it on this page.

Discover the submitted works on the hashtag #VersionaThyssen.

With the support of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola
Art Explora

Awarded versions and guest artists

Diptych with symbols of the Virgin and Redeeming Christ. Anonymous German Artist active in Westphalia
@am.i.stilll.young (First prize #Versionathyssen XI)
@6alvez (First prize #Versionathyssen XI)
Miniatura @lauradelmuro (First prize #Versionathyssen XI)
Omega 5 (Traps), 1927, 295. Omega 5 (Objetos de imitación), 1927, 295, 1927
@paotapiahassenbeydesi (Second prize #Versionathyssen XI)
@jorgegecko (Second prize #Versionathyssen XI)
Galatea. Galatea, c. 1896
@ninkraus (Second prize #Versionathyssen XI)
Hugáceo Crujiente version (@hugaceo.crujiente)
La Rousse in a White Blouse. La pelirroja con blusa blanca, 1889
Iván Floro version (@van_vuu)
Ian Padgham version (@origiful)
Materials for a Leisure Hour. Objetos para un rato de ocio, 1879
Self-portrait wearing a hat and two Chains. Autorretrato con gorra y dos cadenas, c. 1642-1643