The fifth edition of #VersionaThyssen, the first of the year 2020, featured the artists Martina Matencio, Álex de Marcos and Daniel Aristizábal as prescribers and members of the judging panel together with a representative of the museum and another from the Community of Madrid.

Below, you can see the awarded works.

They were announced in an online event broadcasted by the museum on Saturday, June 6, where a selection of the presented works was shown, and the singer Mori performed as invited artist.. Discover the submitted works on the hashtag #VersionaThyssen.

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola

Awarded versions and guests artists

Saint Jerome as a Cardinal. San Jerónimo como cardenal, 1498
@alba_prado (First prize #VersionaThyssen V)
Venetian Onion Seller. Vendedora veneciana de cebollas, c. 1880-1882
@pueche (First prize #Versionathyssen V)
The Psyche mirror. El espejo psiqué, 1876
@mariatrrg_ (First prize #VersionaThyssen V)
Interior with a Woman sewing and a Child. Interior con una mujer cosiendo y un niño, c. 1662-1668
@oleosdecarlita (Second prize #Versionathyssen V)
The Card players. Los jugadores de cartas, c. 1520
@aliciamqart (Second prize #VersionaThyssen V)
Alpine Kitchen. Cocina alpina, 1918
@marta.escrig (Second prize #Versionathyssen V)
Santa Catalina de Alejandría. Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi)
Work by guest artist Álex de de Marcos
The Kiss. El beso, c. 1816-1817
Work by guest artist Martina Matencio
Work by guest artist Martina Matencio
Painting. Still Life. Pintura. Naturaleza muerta, c. 1923-1924
Work by guest artist Daniel Aristizábal