The ninth edition of #VersionaThyssen featured the artists Alba Galocha, Jill Burrow and Bejoas prescribers and members of the judging panel together with a representative of the museum and another from the Region of Madrid. Below, you can see the awarded works.

They were announced in an online event broadcasted by the museum on June 9, where a selection of the presented works was shown. Comedian and interviewer Ricardo Moya conducted the virtual event, where Bejo also contributed as guest musician, as one of the most unique voices of the urban music scene in Spain.

Discover the submitted works on the hashtag #VersionaThyssen.

With the support of:

Comunidad de Madrid
Fundación Coca-Cola
Fundación Coca-Cola
Art Explora

Awarded versions and guest artists

The Nymph at the Fountain. La ninfa de la fuente, c. 1530-1534
@cymoonv (First prize #Versionathyssen IX)
La Toilette. La toilette, 1742
@meri_merino (First prize #Versionathyssen IX)
Saint Casilda. Santa Casilda, c. 1635
@ohbravasura (First prize #Versionathyssen IX)
Les Vessenots in Auvers. Vincent van Gogh
@federica.cappelletto (Second prize #Versionathyssen IX)
Street in Rouen. Calle de Ruán, 1884
@julia__canto (Second prize #Versionathyssen IX)
Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni. Retrato de Giovanna Tornabuoni, 1489-1490
@nakrobmoon (Second prize #Versionathyssen IX)
Alba Galocha. Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen IX
Self-Portrait. Autorretrato, 1910
@albagalocha (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen IX)
Bejo. Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen IX
The Infant Christ on the Orb of the World. Niño de la Pasión sobre la bola del mundo, c. 1530
@borjabuche (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen IX)
Jill Burrow. Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen IX
Flower Vase. Florero, s. f.
@jillburro_w (Guest Artist #VersionaThyssen IX)