The 13th edition of #VersionaThyssen featured Alexey Kondakov, SakoAsko and Chamosan as guest artists and jury members. The awards ceremony was held at the museum, the night of June 4 and featured a performance by Dani.

Discover the proposals of all the editions of the contest in the hashtag #VersionaThyssen. They will surprise you.

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid

Awarded versions and guest artists

Blue Soap Bubble. Burbuja de jabón azul, 1949-1950
@realidadelastica. First prize #VersionaThyssen XIII
@mariajoseandugar. Second prize #VersionaThyssen XIII
Blue Enchantment. Hechizo azul, 1951
@mundomiko. Primer prize #VersionaThyssen XIII
The Stewart Children. Retrato de Isabella y John Stewart, c. 1773-1774
@jhon_boy. First prize #VersionaThyssen XIII
Miniatura Second prize #VersionaThyssen XIII
Orion in Winter. Charles Ephraim Burchfield
@isabascunana. Second prize #VersionaThyssen XIII
Chinese Vase with Flowers, Shell and Insects. Vaso chino con flores, conchas e insectos, c.1609
@sakoasko. Guest artist #VersionaThyssen XIII
The Duke of Orleans showing his Lover. El duque de Orleans mostrando a su amante, c. 1825-1826
@chamosan. Guest artist #VersionaThyssen XIII
Portrait of a young Man as Saint Sebastian, c. 1533
@alksko. Guest artist #VersionaThyssen XIII
Adam and Eve. Adán y Eva, 1531
@alksko. Guest artist #VersionaThyssen XIII